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In light of emerging community health concerns, the Val Verde Unified School District Centralized Registration Department will be closed Monday, March 16, 2020, through Friday, April 3, 2020.

Previously scheduled appointments, including kindergarten registrations, are canceled and will be rescheduled as soon as the department reopens. Thank you for your understanding.
Inter-District Transfer
Transfers into Val Verde schools, please go to District of Residence to renew transfer for 2020-2021 school year.

Transfers leaving Val Verde to another school district need to be filled out at the Student Services Department.

Intra-District Transfers-2020-2021 school year
January 13, 2020 - February 28, 2020
Transfers need to be submitted to Student Services Department during these dates.

Transfer Instructions:
1. Transfer forms/requests must be submitted in person at the Centralized Registration Center/Student Services.
2. All transfer renewals requests must be submitted by the dates indicated above to be eligible for consideration for the next school year.
3. Transfers will only be approved into schools sites that have available space.
4. All transfer requests must meet the terms and conditions listed on the transfer forms.
5. Parent/Guardian will be notified of their transfer status by mail.
Regulations and Policies Governing Inter-district Attendance Permits
In accordance with Sections 46600 to 46609 of the Education Code, the school districts of Riverside County establish Inter-district agreements annually, which provide for the exchange of pupils. The enrollment of pupils from districts, other than that of residence is not mandatory. If there is sufficient room in the district, school, and program of desired attendance, requests will be considered, provided the reasons are justifiable and in accordance with district governing board policy.

Procedures and timelines for inter-district transfer permits:
Val Verde Unified School District will begin accepting inter-district transfer permit requests for the proceeding school year on the first Monday after Winter Break.

Reasons for Approvals:

• Senior Student – The district may permit those pupils who are in the highest grade of elementary, middle or senior high school permission to graduate from the school which they have attended just prior to their move to another district.

• Specialized High School Program – Availability of a specialized high school program in the district of desired attendance was not available in the district of residence. If the district of residence has a similar program at any school within the district, the student does not qualify under this category. Note: One or two classes do not constitute a “program.”
• Planned Change of Residence – Specific and written evidence must be given that a residence in the district of desired attendance is being obtained. Such permit should not be issued for longer than three months.

• School District Employment – Parent/legal guardian is a permanent employee of the school district of desired attendance. Verification must be provided.

• Child Care – These are to be initially granted only to kindergarten through eighth-grade school-age students when it is impossible to arrange adequate childcare or supervision in the district of residence. Verification must be provided.

• Bullying –Student has been determined by personnel of the district of residence to have been the victim of a “severe or pervasive” act of bullying by a student of the district of residence, as defined in Education Code 48900(r) and attempts by the district have not led to resolution of the problem.

Reasons for Denials:

• Poor Attendance –the student’s attendance cannot be below 91%.
• Poor Grades –the student’s grade point average cannot be less than a 2.0.
• Poor Discipline –the student cannot have any suspensions.
• School Impaction –not enough space in our schools

Timelines for appeal:

Please be further advised that, pursuant to Education Code § 46601, you have the right to appeal this decision to the County Board of Education within 30 calendar days from the date of this letter. Education Code § 46601, subdivision (a), provides: The person having legal custody may appeal, within 30 calendar days of the failure or refusal to issue a permit, or to enter into an agreement allowing the attendance, to the county board of education having jurisdiction over the district of residence of the parent or legal guardian or person having legal custody. Failure to appeal within the required time is good cause for denial of an appeal. An appeal shall be accepted only upon verification by the county board’s designee that appeals within the districts have been exhausted. If new evidence or grounds for the request are introduced, the county board may remand the matter for further consideration by the district or districts. In all other cases, the appeal shall be granted or denied on its merits.

• Failure by the Parent to meet the timelines will constitute an abandonment of the request

Additional Information:

• Requests based upon convenience or personal preference may not be considered.

• Transportation is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

You must appeal to the district that denied your request prior to appealing to the County Board of Education.