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School Fees

5 days ago

  1. For new home
  2. For room addition to an existing home (note: additions less than 500 s.f. are exempt from school fees and a waiver letter will be issued in lieu of payment)
  3. For installation or replacement of a mobile home
  1. For new commercial/industrial development


  • Fees are assessed by the jurisdictional agency where the project is located, i.e., the City of Perris, the City of Moreno Valley, or the County of Riverside.
  • The applicant will be issued a form/certificate from the correlating agency that will state the total square footage being assessed.
  • Payment for School Fees can be made at the District Office in the Facilities Department at the address below:
          Val Verde Unified School District
          Facilities Department
          975 W. Morgan St.
          Perris, CA 92571
          (951) 940-6100

  • Forms of payment accepted:

             ■ Cash (exact only)    

             ■ Cashier's Check    

             ■ Money Order    

             ■ Company Check


On March 13, 2018, the Board adopted the School Facilities Needs Analysis and established an alternative Level II fee in the amount of $4.69 per square foot of assessable residential construction, effective the beginning of business on March 14, 2018. On March 13, 2018, the Board also adopted the Residential and Commercial/Industrial Development School Fee Justification Study and established a Level I fee in the amount of $.61 per square foot of assessable commercial/industrial construction, effective May 12, 2018.


Assessed per s.f. currently                                                 Level II Fee per assessed s.f.
                                                                                                    Effective 5/12/2018 

Commercial/Industrial                                                              $0.61

                                                                                                 Level II Fee per assessed s.f.        
                                                                                                     Effective 3/14/2018

Residential                                                                                  $4.69

To view the Annual and Five Year Report 2017/2018, please click here.

To view the School Facilities Needs Analysis January 31, 2018, please click here.