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Maintenance & Operations
• 22 School sites, 1 off-site SELPA Office and a District Office
• 19,495,690 Square feet that we service every day
• 435 Acres of landscaping
• 1,017 Classrooms
• 2500 HVAC Units
• 927,157 Square feet of carpet maintained
• 110 vehicles serviced and maintained in our Fleet Department
• Total of 117 employees

Our Maintenance and Operations personnel are dedicated to providing a safe learning environment through corrective and preventive services. The Grounds Staff works diligently to keep our campuses green and looking their best. They also maintain all of our athletic fields and stadiums and keep them in exceptional condition. Our Maintenance Department works together as a Team, keeping all of our buildings and hardscape in top shape and in working order by completing over 8000 work orders a year. The Custodial Staff works hard keeping all of our facilities clean and sanitized for our students and staff along with the surrounding communities when they use our facilities for special events.

The entire Maintenance and Operations staff responds quickly to emergency calls and work orders which allows our students and staff to focus on teaching and learning. We are committed to ensuring that the maintenance and care of our buildings, grounds, and every square inch of the district are maintained to the highest standard.

Maintenance & Operations areas of responsibility are:
Maintenance of all facilities, grounds and surrounding areas
Completing work orders
Maintaining all district vehicles and equipment along with school site vehicle requests
Intrusion alarms
Fire alarm systems and fire drills
Annual safety/fire inspections
Annual "Williams Legislation" Facilities Inspections
Main Office: (951) 940-6107
Monday-Friday 6:00am - 4:00pm
After hours and weekend emergency: (951) 453-0123