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English Learner Program & Reclassification Criteria
EL Program Overview (English)
EL Program Overview (Spanish)
2016-17 EL Program Calendar
Reclassification Process (English)
Reclassification Process (Spanish)
EL Master Plan (English)
EL Master Plan (Spanish)
Title III LEA Plan Performance Goal 2 (English)
Title III LEA Plan Performance Goal 2 (Spanish)
Bilingual Facilitators and Reclassifiers
2016-2017 English Learner Facilitator & Reclassifier List
 English Learner Professional Development
     ELPD Presentations
     ELD Standards at a glance
     ELD Standards Bookmark
     21st Century Education Acronyms
Instructional Tools & Strategies for English Learners
BICs vs. CALPs (English)
BICs vs. CALPs (Spanish)
Vocabulary Development (English)
Vocabulary Development (Spanish)
SDAIE Strategies (English)
SDAIE Strategies (Spanish)
5 Components of ELD Language Star
Graphic Organizers:
Graphic Organizer Samples
SIOP Strategies:
EverythingESL.net (English)
EverythingESL.net (Spanish)
 CDE EL Websites
      ELA/ELD Framework
       ELD Standards and Appendices
       ELD Assessment information for ELPAC
       CCSS Channel Videos and Resources
       Searchable Database of all Common Core and ELD Standards
       Customize EL Student Learning
Language Objectives
Writing Language Objectives for English Acquisition
Linguistic Scaffolds for Writing Language Objectives
English Language Development Standards
English Language Development Standards (New)
Parent Notifications
AMAO 2b (English)
AMAO 2b (Spanish)
AMAO 3 (English)
AMAO 3 (Spanish)
Community Resources
Community Resources
El Sol - Las Promotoras
CABE (California Association for Bilingual Education)
Perris Community Center: