District Vision

The Val Verde Unified School District believes in an educational system which is committed to effective, life-long learning and provides its students with the tools and knowledge to become productive citizens of our democratic society. The Val Verde Unified School District develops academic competency to prepare students to take part as fully franchised American citizens in a safe school environment. To accomplish this, we believe in strong leadership, the development of safe schools, and high expectations from all segments of the system. We believe in actively engaged school/community partnerships with a viable accountability program to ensure success.

Headlines and Features
Interested in College?
Posted on 02/11/2015
One critical step is applying for Federal Financial Aid. Val Verde is participating in the White House initiative: Race to Submit.  READ MORE...
Trustee Areas - UPDATED!
Posted on 09/05/2014
The Val Verde Unified School District Board of Education elected in "by-trustee area" elections.  READ MORE...