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What is Special Education?

California Education Code Section 56031 defines special education as:

Specially designed instruction to meet the unique needs of individuals with exceptional needs, whose educational needs cannot be met with modification of the general instruction program; and Related Services that help individuals with special needs to benefit from specially designed instruction.

Special education is an integral part of the total public education system.  Other features of special education are:

a) It is provided in a way that promotes maximum interaction between students with and without disabilities in a manner which is appropriate to the needs of both;

b) Services are provided at no cost to parents:

c) It provides a full range of program options to meet the educational and service requirements of individuals with exceptional needs in the least restrictive environment (LRE).  The LRE is generally the setting that is most similar to those attended by general education students.

Who is eligible for services?

Not all children with special needs require special education services.  However, students are eligible to receive special education and related services when the IEP team determines that the student meets the state and federal eligibility criteria and, thus, requires special education services.  

There are fourteen categories of eligibility for special education:

Autism (AUT)

Deaf (D)

Emotional Disturbance (ED)

Established medical disability (Children 0-5 years)

Hard of Hearing (HH)

Intellectual Disabiities (ID) 

Multiple Disabilities (MD)

Orthopedic Impairment (OI)

Other Health Impaired (OHI)

Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD)

Speech and Language Disabilities

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Vision Impairment (VI)


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Types of Programs

Specialized Academic Instruction is based on a students IEP.  The following is a brief description of the programs available within Val Verde Unified School District:


Infant Program (ages 0 - 3)

The Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) is responsible for the provision of Early Start services for children with a primary focus on children with solely low incidence disabilities (e.g., deaf, blind, deaf-blind, orthopedic impairment, visually impaired).

Anyone who has a concern about an infant's growth or development may make a referral to the Riverside County Office of Education (RCOE) Early Start Infant CIRCLE Program by calling (951) 826-7100. A child with a potential disability other than low incidence will be referred to the Inland Regional Center.

Preschool Program (ages 3 - 5)

Special Day Preschool Classes provide services to students with a variety of disabilities including delayed cognitive abilities, language delays, autism, physical disabilities, hearing impairment, and learning disabilities. All classes provide the opportunity to interact with non-disabled peers and have parent education components. A full range of related services is available as appropriate, including ABA, Adaptive Physical Education, Speech and Language Services, Occupational and Physical Therapy, Parent Education, and other related services.

Regular Class Modification

The regular education class teacher may modify the educational program to meet the student's needs. These modifications are usually the result of consultations with the parents/guardians, school psychologist, a special education teacher, and/or other members of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team.


Learning Center Model (LCM)

The Learning Center model is available at campuses across our district.  Within this setting, students receive intensive instruction in the core curriculum in a pull-out setting. This model is supported by collaboration between general education and special education teachers, support staff, and instructional aides.  Services and supports are based on the needs of the student, as outlined in the students IEP.

Resource Specialist Program (RSP)

Resource Specialists provide instruction and services for those students whose needs have been identified in an IEP and who are assigned to the regular classroom for a majority of the school day. The Resource Specialist Program may serve students representing a variety of handicapping conditions whose educational needs can be appropriately addressed within this part-time setting.

Special Class (SDC)

Special classes are situated on regular campuses and are designed to meet the specific educational needs of students with learning, language, emotional, or physical problems. A student placed in one of these self-contained settings may be mainstreamed for one or more regular class as appropriate. Students who demonstrate the ability to participate for more than half of the school day in regular classes would then be eligible to transfer to the less restrictive Resource Specialist Program.

Emotional Disturbance (ED) & Behavioral Support Settings

Val Verde Unified School District believes that students with emotional disabilities and severe behavior issues can reach their highest potential in safe and structured environments.  Therefore, at both the elementary and secondary level, programs are structured in such a way as to provide a strong sense of security, a positive attitude toward learning, and incentives for appropriate behavior.  Mental Health Counseling Therapists work closely with each program to provide teaching strategies and student support. The following research-based strategies and components are incorporated within each program:  Positive Reinforcement Techniques, Rewards-Based Incentives, Personal Accountability, Mutual Respect, Individual Behavior Contracts, Positive Behavior Intervention Plans, Consistency & Predictability, Mental Health Counseling, Anger Management, and Social Skills Workshops.

Life Skills Program(LS)

Life Skills programs are designed for students with moderate to severe disabilities.  IEP placement within this program provides intensive instruction and services to students who, by the severity of their disability, precludes full participation in the regular education setting. Within this setting, individualized instruction focuses on functional academics and life skills across five domains:  Domestic, Community, Vocation, Recreation and Leisure. 

Autism Supports & Programs

Our district understands that students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) need access to a variety of supports and service delivery options to meet their individual needs.  Students with ASD are supported by credential teachers with their authorization in working with students with autism.  Additionally, our support staff includes a Program Specialist, Autism Specialist, and Behavior Specialist that supports our students, families, and teachers. Program options start at the preschool level and continue through to the adult program.  Possible program options include general education with Resource Support, a Special Day Class, Life Skills, or a more specially designed Autism program focusing and utilizing ABA strategies.

Adult Transition Program (18-22)

The Bridges to Adulthood Program is a vocational based program for students with intellectual disabilities and/or autism.  The program focuses on transition planning and preparing students for entrance into the workforce and/or adult day community programs.  Students participate in community-based instruction and receive both vocational training and work experience opportunities.   

Home Hospital Instruction (HHI)

Home and Hospital serves fall under CA Ed. Code 48206.3.  Students who incur a temporary disability, which makes attendance in the regular day classes or alternative education program impossible or inadvisable for a minimum of three consecutive weeks.  Enrollment in the program is based on a referral from a physician or psychiatrist.  The special education department provides Home Hospital Instruction to students, who meet the eligibility requirements, as outlined by their IEP. 

Special Education Mission

Val Verde Unified School District's Special Education Department believes that ALL students can learn. We are dedicated to working with our school site staff, parents, and the community to provide support that will enable special education students to learn in the least restrictive environment. Therefore, students with disabilities, between the ages of 3 and 21, are provided appropriate educational opportunities, in a variety of settings, within the Val Verde Unified School District.

If you believe your child may have an academic, mental, physical, or speech related disability, please contact the special education department. The Office will assist you in completing the referral process.


To request student records email: specialedrecords@valverde.edu

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Support Services

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Related and Specialized Services

Val Verde Unified School District offers a continuum of special education Related and Specialized Service options that provide students with exceptional needs access to a free, appropriate, public education in the least restrictive environment.

Many of the Related and Specialized Service options are listed below:

     -Adapted Physical Education (APE)

     -Assistive Technology (AT)

     -Audiological Services

     -Behavioral Intervention Services

     -Counseling & Guidance Services

     -Health & Nursing Services

     -Individualized Counseling

     -Mental Health Services (MH)

     -Occupational Therapy  (OT)

     -Orthopedic Impairment Support (OI)

     -Physical Therapy (PT)

     -Positive Behavioral Supports (PBS)

     -Preschool access for students between ages three to five years old

     -Psychological Counseling

     -Specialized Academic Instruction

     -Specialized Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services

     -Specialized Vision Services

     -Speech and Language Therapy

Riverside County SELPA

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The Riverside County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) is the largest multi-district SELPA in California, with 24 local educational agencies (LEA) members.  The SELPA is responsible for supporting members in the implementation of the legal requirements of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA), and its supporting regulations for Special Education.  The SELPA is the regionalized services link between the California Department of Education (CDE) Special Education Division and the LEAs.  Members work collaboratively together and with other public agencies to make available a full continuum of special education services for students with disabilities from birth to age 2l provided.

Procedural safeguards

Verde Unified School District implements the Riverside County SELPA Policies and Procedures for Special Education.  The Procedural Safeguards and Parents' Rights may be accessed by clicking on the provided links. Click here for more.

Community Advisory Committee

The CAC is a team of parents and other individuals with a personal or professional interest in securing appropriate services for students with special needs. The CAC membership represents the geographic, ethnic, and socioeconomic makeup of the community it serves. Click here for more.