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about 1 month ago


The 2018/2019 Facility Use Application is for scheduled dates from July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019.  Outside organizations are not allowed to use our facilities when students are not present, for example, holidays, vacation days (summer, winter, and spring breaks), and non-student days.  Please ensure the expiration date at the bottom of the form is visible when printed.  Our office needs the original "wet signature" copy in order to process.  Dual side printed copies, or multiple-page printed copies are acceptable.


Certificate of Insurance

A certificate of insurance is required for outside organizations; the minimum insurance is 1M each occurrence/2M aggregate.  The insurance needs to include auto insurance, or you can provide a copy of your valid personal proof of insurance.  Val Verde USD needs to be the certificate holder; an additionally insured endorsement is also required which list VVUSD (requires an additional page).  Our address is as follows:

Val Verde USD

975 W. Morgan Street

Perris, CA 92571 

Hold Harmless Agreements

A hold harmless agreement is also required for outside organizations. 

There are two versions of the form; a high and a low.  If someone is giving a presentation, without animals, then the low risk will do.  If only a low is required, the outside organization can just sign the facility use application; there is one included in it.

If someone is doing any activity that might cause harm, (such as serving food, taking blood, bringing in animals, dances, sports practices or games, doing a science presentation using some kind of experiment) then the high risk is used.