School Fees

  1. For new home
  2. For room addition to an existing home (note: additions less than 500 s.f. are exempt from school fees and a waiver letter will be issued in lieu of payment)
  3. For installation or replacement of a mobile home
  1. For new commercial/industrial development


  • Fees are assessed by the jurisdictional agency where the project is located, i.e., the City of Perris, the City of Moreno Valley, or the County of Riverside.
  • The applicant will be issued a form/certificate from the correlating agency that will state the total square footage being assessed.
  • Payment for School Fees can be made at the District Office in the Facilities Department at the address below:
          Val Verde Unified School District
          Facilities Department
          975 W. Morgan St.
          Perris, CA 92571
          (951) 940-6100
  • Only forms of payment accepted:  ■ Cash (exact only)    ■ Cashier's Check    ■ Money Order    ■ Company Check

Level I State Statutory Fee

On 2/24/16, the State Allocation Board (“SAB”), pursuant to Government Code Section 65995(b)(3), voted to increase the maximum Level I assessment for development from $3.36 to $3.48 per sq. ft. of assessable space for residential development, and from $0.54 to $0.56 per square foot of chargeable covered and enclosed space for commercial/industrial development. Therefore, school districts may assess Level I School Fees at the same established $3.48 and $0.56 rates, provided such rates are properly justified pursuant to law.   On 4/5/2016 Val Verde USD’s Board of Education adopted the new Level I State Statutory School Fees effective 6/4/2016.

Level II Alternate Fee

Education Code Section 17620 authorizes school districts to impose certain fees as set forth in Government Code Section 65995 et seq. to finance the construction and reconstruction of school facilities.  Pursuant to Government Code Sections 65995.5, 65995.6 and 65995.7, in lieu of a residential fee imposed under Government Code Section 65995, subdivision (b)(1), a school district may impose alternative fees on new residential construction in amounts calculated pursuant to Section 65995.5, subdivision (c) and 65995.7.  Section 65995.5 also requires that a school district (i) be eligible for new construction funding and (ii) satisfy at least two (2) of the Statutory Requirements to be eligible to impose an Alternative No. 2 Fee or an Alternative No. 3 Fee.

On March 14, 2017 at its regular Board Meeting the Board conducted a public hearing on the District’s School Facilities Needs Analysis. The analysis (SFNA) provides an evaluation of the eligibility of the School District for new construction funding and documents that the School District satisfied at least two (2) of the Statutory Requirements to be eligible to impose an Alternative No. 2 Fee or an Alternative No. 3 Fee. Following the public hearing, Resolution 16-17-32 Adopting Level II School Facilities (Developer) Fees on Residential Development Projects Pursuant to Government Code Section 65995.5 was adopted by the Board and was effective immediately for a maximum of one year.

  Level I Fee per assessed s.f.
Effective 6/4/2016
Level II Fee per assessed s.f.
Will Be Effective 3/14/2017

To view School Facilities Needs Analysis, click here.