Chromebook Policy Handbook

Val Verde Unified School District

Chromebook Policy Handbook Click to Download the Chromebook Policy Handbook

As we continue to prepare our students to be College and Career Ready in the 21st Century, we will now assign your student a Chromebook to take home with them daily.  With this said, it is imperative that your student bring their Chromebook back to school with them every day so that they can utilize them for class assignments.  As with textbooks, Chromebooks are to be used as an instructional resource.  We view this digital device as a tool that will help accelerate learning for your student.

This Chromebook distribution initiative is being conducted so that we can foster a school culture that promotes digital literacy and that we continue preparing our student to be Future Ready.  We appreciate your support and look forward to a successful launching of our Chromebook distribution initiative.

For more information regarding Chromebooks and our technology initiative, please visit the “Students” section of our district website:

Receiving Your Chromebook:

Chromebooks will be distributed during registration at high Schools.  Elementary and middle schools will distribute during the fall. Parents & Students must sign a Network Use Policy prior to receiving a Chromebook. Chromebooks are checked out to students in the same manner as student textbooks.

Returning Your Chromebook:

Students who transfer or withdraw out of VVUSD will be required to return their Chromebook and accessories.  If a Chromebook and accessories are not returned, the parent/guardian or foster parent will be held responsible for payment in full.  If payment is not received, the parent/guardian will be turned over to a collection agency.  During the summer, these items and any other items should be returned to Val Verde Student Services, 972 W. Morgan St., Perris, CA  92571

Taking Care of Your Chromebook:

Students are responsible for the general care of the Chromebook.

General Precautions:

  • No food or drink is allowed next to your Chromebook or while it is in use.

  • Cords, cables, and removable storage devices must be inserted carefully into the Chromebook.

  • Students should NEVER carry their Chromebook while the screen is open.

  • Chromebooks should be shut down when not in use to conserve battery life.

  • Chromebooks should not be crammed into lockers or wedged into book bags, as this may break the screen.

  • Do not expose your Chromebook to extreme temperature or direct sunlight for extended periods.  Extreme heat or cold may cause damage to the Chromebook.

Carrying the Chromebook:

The protective shell of the Chromebook will only provide basic protection from everyday use.  It is not designed to prevent damage from drops or abusive handling.  Carrying the Chromebook in a padded backpack or padded book bag is acceptable provided the backpack or book bag is handled with care.  For example, you should not toss the bag or drop the bag if your Chromebook is inside.

Screen Care:

The Chromebook screen can be damaged if subjected to rough treatment.  The screens are particularly sensitive to damage from excessive pressure on the screen.

  • Do not lean on top of the Chromebook.

  • Do not place anything on or near the Chromebook that could put pressure on the screen.

  • Do not place anything on the keyboard before closing the lid (e.g. pens, pencils, notebooks).

  • Clean the screen with a soft, dry anti-static, or micro-fiber cloth.  DO NOT USE WINDOW CLEANER OR ANY TYPE OF LIQUID OR WATER ON THE CHROMEBOOK.  You can also purchase individually packaged pre-moistened eyeglass lens cleaning tissues to clean the screen.  These are very convenient and relatively inexpensive.

Using Your Chromebook

At School:

The Chromebook is intended for use every day while at school.  In addition to teacher expectations for Chromebook use, school messages, announcements, calendars, academic handbooks, student handbooks and schedules will be accessed using the Chromebook.  Students must be responsible for bringing their Chromebook to all classes, unless specifically advised not to do so by their teacher.

At Home:

Chromebooks must be brought to school each day in a fully charged condition.  All students are required to take their Chromebook home each night for charging. The Chromebook charger will be kept at home. If fully charged, the battery should last throughout the day. A small number of chargers will be available within each classroom if additional charging is necessary.


Sound must be muted at all times unless permission is obtained from the teacher for instructional purposes.  It is recommended that students bring personal headset or “ear-buds” for any audio projects they work on.  

Managing Your Files and Saving Your Work:

Students may save documents to their Google Drive, or they may save to an external memory device such as a miniSD card or USB flash drive.  Saving to Google Drive will make the file accessible from any computer with internet access. It will be the responsibility of the student to maintain the integrity of their files and keep proper backups.  Students will be trained on proper file management procedures.

Personalizing the Chromebook:

Chromebooks may be personalized with stickers, but all/any stickers must be removed by the student prior to returning the Chromebook for any reason. Stickers must not be inappropriate or offensive and must not be damaging to the Chromebook. Also, inappropriate or offensive images may not be used as Chromebook background or themes.  The presence of such stickers or images may result in disciplinary action.

Software on Chromebooks:

Originally Installed Software:

All Chromebooks are supplied with the Google Chrome Operating System (OS), and many other applications useful in an educational environment.  The Chrome OS will automatically install updates when the computer is shut-down and restarted.

From time to time, the school may add software applications for use in a particular course.  This process will be automatic with virtually no impact on students.  Applications that are no longer needed will automatically be removed by the school as well.

Altering the operating system or district provided applications will result in disciplinary action.

Virus Protection:

Virus protection is unnecessary on the Chromebook due to the unique nature of its design.

Additional Software:

Students are not allowed to install additional software on their Chromebook other than what has been approved by Val Verde Unified School District.

Protecting & Storing Your Chromebook:

Chromebook Identification:

District Chromebooks can be identified by the Val Verde USD barcode asset tag found on the bottom of the device. Some Chromebooks are also engraved with district logos.

Under no circumstances are students to modify, remove, or destroy identification labels or district engravings.

Storing Your Chromebook:

Students need to take their Chromebook home with them every night.  The Chromebook is not to be stored in their PE lockers or anywhere else at school outside of school hours.  The Chromebook should be charged each night at the student’s home.  Chromebooks should never be stored in a vehicle.

Chromebooks Left in Unsupervised/Unsecured Areas:

Under no circumstance should a Chromebook be stored in unsupervised areas. Unsupervised Chromebooks will be confiscated and taken to the Library.  Disciplinary action will be taken for leaving a Chromebook in an unsupervised location.

Repairing or Replacing Your Chromebook:

There will be a flat fee of $50.00 for a lost charger or any damages, per occurrence, to your Chromebook. Lost (or damaged beyond repair) Chromebooks will be a full replacement charge of $200.

NOTE: A copy of a police report must be submitted in cases of theft to waive the replacement fee.

Warranty Repairs:

Manufacturer defects will be covered under warranty at no cost.

Chromebooks Undergoing Repair:

A loaner Chromebook may be issued to students when they leave their Chromebook for repair at the library.

Chromebook Technical Support:

Elementary School Students: The student’s teacher will be the first point of contact for repair of the Chromebooks.

Middle and High School Students: The Library will be the first point of contact for repair of the Chromebooks.

Digital Citizenship

All Val Verde USD students will receive Digital Citizenship training throughout the school year from their classroom teachers.

While working in a digital and collaborative environment, students should always conduct themselves as good digital citizens by remembering the following:

  1. Respect Yourself

  • I will show respect for myself through my actions.  I will select online names that are appropriate.  I will use caution with the information, images and other media that I post online.  I will assume that any information I share online is permanent even if I attempt to remove it. I will carefully consider what personal information about my life, experiences or relationships I post.  I will not be obscene.  I will act with integrity.

  1. Protect Yourself

  • I will ensure that the information, images, and materials I post online will not put me at risk.  I will not publish my personal details, contact details, or a schedule of my activities.  I will report any attacks of inappropriate behavior directed at me while online.  I will protect passwords, accounts, and resources.

  1. Respect Others

  • I will show respect to others.  I will not use electronic mediums to antagonize, bully, harass or stalk people.  I will show respect for other people in my choice of websites:  I will not visit sites that are degrading to others, pornographic, racist, or inappropriate.  I will not enter other people’s private spaces or areas.  I will broadcast messages only for educational purposes.

  1. Protect Others

  • I will protect others by reporting abuse and not forwarding inappropriate materials or communications.  I will avoid unacceptable materials and conversations.

  1. Respect Intellectual Property

  • I will request permission to use copyrighted or otherwise protected materials.  I will suitably city all use of websites, books, media, etc.  I will acknowledge all primary sources.  I will validate information.  I will use and abide by the fair use rules.

  1. Protect Intellectual Property

  • I will request to use the software and media others produce.  I will purchase, license and register all software of use available free and open source alternatives rather than pirating software.  I will purchase my music and media and refrain from distributing these in a manner that violates their licenses.