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7 months ago

Team Member




A. Daniel Whitfield



Britany Wooten

Assistant Manager                  


Cheryl Begey

Secretary III


Urshella Hamilton              



Ivorrie Tomlinson

Technician I


Adolfo Schneider

Clerk Typist III


Beverly Preston

Clerk Typist III


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Fax Number: (951) 940-6118


7 months ago

The Risk Management Department promotes and facilitates a culture of compliance and shared responsibility for the health and safety of students, visitors, and employees by providing technical expertise, supportive consultation, and quality educational programs and resources.

Val Verde Unified School District uses established and proven risk management strategies to minimize, manage, and/or transfer risks associated with K-12 educational and business environments. This process involves the identification and analysis of risk exposures, as well as, the development, implementation, and monitoring of appropriate risk management techniques.

  • District Uniform Complaint Procedure Administration
  • Employee Orientation and Training
  • Property and Liability Insurance Administration
  • Safety Compliance and Training
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance Administration


The Benefits Department administers all Employee Health and Welfare programs for the District.

  • Employee Benefits Administration and enrollment
  • Open enrollment for Employee Health and Welfare Benefits


The Records Retention Department manages student, employment and business record archives for the District.

  • Public Information Office - Public Records Requests
  • Records Retention


Public Comment Opportunity

7 months ago

The Val Verde Unified School District is currently involved in the local Hazard Mitigation Planning (LHMP) process in concert with the Riverside County Office of Emergency Services. The LHMP process analyzes the school district’s risk from natural hazards, coordinates available resources, and implements actions to reduce or eliminate risks. This updating process is designed to guide risk reduction activities before an event; it is also reviewed and amended regularly, so as not to overlook opportunities for vulnerability reduction (mitigation).

The LHMP process is described in the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA 2000) which amended the Stafford Act’s requirements regarding eligibility to receive certain mitigation grant funding. The regulations containing requirements for a local hazard mitigation plan can be found in 44 Code of Federal Regulations 201.6.

School Districts, while part of the community, are defined as local governments and required to have an approved plan – or demonstrate their participation as a separate government entity in another local government’s approved mitigation plan – in order to receive project grants under HMGP or PDM. School districts do not fall under the definition of private nonprofit organizations [44 CFR 206.2(a)(19)].

For comments, questions, or requests to review, please contact Daniel Whitfield, Director – Risk Management at (preferred) or by telephone at (951) 940-6100.