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What is a CTE pathway?
  • VVUSD CTE Students at work
Benefits of CTE
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What Career is Right for You??

about 1 year ago

California Career Zone

Learn about yourself, the employment options available to you and the training that will prepare you for them.

Career Exploration

Who Do U Want 2B?

This site includes Information on California high school and community college courses, career options, and financial assistance. It will help you make decisions about the right courses to take in high school and community college so that you have the opportunity to turn that passion of yours into a great job and a great future.

Career Exploration

VVUSD CTE Pathways by High Schools

10 months ago

 Rancho Verde HS Pathways

Audio Technology

Child Development




Film/Video Production

Graphic Design

Marketing and Sales

Patient Care

Software and Systems

Sports Medicine

Citrus Hill CTE

Citrus Hill HS Pathways

Agriscience (FFA)

Animal Science (FFA)


Film/Video Production

Gaming and Simulation

Graphic Design

Graphics Production Technologies

Marketing and Sales

Network Administration

Patient Care

Professional Theatre

Software and Systems

Sports Medicine

Theatre Stage Technology

Orange Vista HS Pathways

Advanced Manufacturing



Film/Video Production


Sports Medicine


Val Verde HS Pathways

Film/Video Production

Graphics Production Technologies


Pharmacy Tech



VVUSD CTE Pathways by Industry Sector

about 1 year ago

VVUSD Industry Sectors

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Agriscience (FFA) - Citrus Hill 

Animal Science (FFA) - Citrus Hill 

Viticulture - Orange Vista 

Arts, Media, and Entertainment

Audio Tech - Rancho Verde

Film/Video Production - Citrus Hill, Orange Vista, Rancho Verde, Val Verde

Graphic Design - Citrus Hill, Rancho Verde

Multimedia Production - Val Verde HS

Professional Theatre - Citrus Hill

Stage Technology - Citrus Hill

Building and Construction Trades

Residential and Commercial Construction- Rancho Verde

Woodworking - Val Verde HS

Education, Child Development, and Family Services

Child Development - Rancho Verde

Engineering and Architecture

Engineering Technology - Citrus Hill, Rancho Verde

Health Science and Medical Terminology

Patient Care - Citrus Hill, Rancho Verde

Pharmacy Tech - Val Verde HS

Sports Medicine - Citrus Hill, Rancho Verde

Information and Communication Technologies

Cybersecurity - Orange Vista

Games and Simulation - Citrus Hill

Networking - Citrus Hill

Software and Systems - Citrus Hill, Orange Vista, Rancho Verde

Manufacturing and Product Development

Graphic Production Technologies - Citrus Hill, Val Verde HS

Product Innovation and Design - Orange Vista

Welding - Val Verde HS

Marketing, Sales, and Services

Retail Marketing - Citrus Hill, Rancho Verde

Public Services

Coming in 2019!


Logistics - Val Verde HS

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