♦  Adolescent Family Life Program

Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health
4065 County Circle Drive #211
Riverside, CA 92503
(951) 943-3248

The Adolescent Family Life Program is available to pregnant and/or parenting teens age 18 and under. It is a voluntary program designed to ensure pregnant teens needs are met in the areas of prenatal care, education, nutrition, finances, job training, family planning and child care. Our goal is to improve the health and well-being of teens and their off springs.

Teens are eligible for services until age 20.

The program also addresses the special needs of teen fathers. Fathers are eligible for services until age 21.

Services Provided:

Adolescents are assigned to a Case Manager who will provide referrals and linkages to available resources, in-home visitation/services, advocacy and on-going assessments. Services include:
  • Counseling
  • Assessments (including substance Abuse and Domestic Violence)
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Educational Support
  • Other supportive services
Linkages are provided to:
  • Accessible Medical Care
  • Childcare
  • Educational services
  • Job Training
  • Financial assistance
  • Family Planning
Community and self-referrals are accepted!
If you or someone you know may benefit from compassionate, supportive services Contact at: 1-800-794-4814

Born Free

(951) 689-9366 [24-hour line but may need to wait a little if you call at night].

The YWCA's Born Free Program is a licensed, 24 hour residential treatment program which provides food, shelter, transportation and other supportive services for chemically dependent pregnant women. The goal of the program is to support women as they attempt to recover from chemical dependency so that their children may be born drug-free.

A variety of services are offered as part of the Born Free experience including group counseling, one-on-one infant care classes, relapse prevention, life skills (budgeting, menu planning, healthy communications, shopping) and sober support systems.

California School Age Families Education (Cal-SAFE)

(951) 826-6464

The program serves pregnant and parenting students, including parenting young men, who have not completed high school. Students receive an appropriate academic program, as well as preparation for childbirth and parenting, career information and / or vocational education, agency referrals for health and social services, and a supportive atmosphere and networking system to meet the students' individual needs. Childcare is available for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers of students who are enrolled in the program.

♦  Independent Adoption Center

5777 W. Century Blvd., Ste. 1450
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 215-3180
1 (800) 877-OPEN (aka 1 800 877-6736) or 1 (800) 726-1021 These #'s are for the use of birth mothers only.

This agency will provide pregnancy counseling; open adoption services; and public education on pregnancy & adoption issues. Teachers may phone to arrange for free classroom presentations. There are no charges to the birth mother. We also do, or arrange for, presentations for school staff such as counselors, school nurses, etc.

Mary's Shelter - Teen Maternity Home

(714) 730-0930 [M-F 8 - 5)

The main office for this shelter is in Santa Ana, California . This agency provides a group home setting for pregnant teens who are homeless or in a crisis situation and who have committed to carrying their babies to term. The program includes a facility to care for new moms and their child for up to two years after birth. Eligibility: California resident, unwed pregnant minor teenager. Se habla español.

Riverside County Dept. of Public Health
Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health
1 (800) 794-4814 or (951) 358-5250 (M-Th 7:00 – 5:30)

This is a good all-purpose number for young pregnant women. The services offered include counseling and crisis prevention, prenatal/well baby care/support, education planning, transportation assistance, and parenting classes. They provide linkages to family planning, child care, housing assistance, vocational/career resources, financial assistance, and legal resources. Eligibility is for males and females 19 years and under at time of enrollment caring for a child 0-5 years old. Hispanic outreach (Spanish/English).