A message about the directory

NOTE: This document may remain current for about 5-10 minutes. It was as accurate as we could make it during the summer of 2010. In order to remain useful, however, your input is really important. If you know of any resources that aren't included but should be or if you learn of any changes that have occurred, please notify Elsa Gonzalez, District Psychologist:

by intradistrict or JET mail to Mead Valley Elementary or Triple Crown Elementary, VVUSD;
or by telephone (951) 940-8540 or (951) 490-0440;
or by e-mail (egonzalez@valverde.edu).

Any comments reflecting on the helpfulness - or otherwise - of this directory or any of the listed resources would be welcome. Many thanks to each of you who have made suggestions & provided resource information throughout the past year. Your contributions have helped to make this directory complete!

• Items marked with a bullet will be of special interest to teachers.

♦ Items marked with a diamond will be of special interest to counselors &/or school psychologists.

P.S. Many of the organizations listed in this directory welcome donations or volunteer help. If you are so inclined, please don't hesitate to check with the particular organization.